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6D Cinema Larnaca
We recommend you also check if you are suitable as some similar attractions have restrictions of viewers with heart conditions and those who are pregnant.
The experience is similar to an attraction that was previously in Limassol known as Time Elevator Cyprus – however this since closed down.

The 6D Cinema another great thing to do in Larnaca, to explore more Cyprus Days Out – why not hire a car in Cyprus, check out car hire link below
MoviXD - 6D Cinema Larnaca Cyprus

A high tech attraction in Cyprus is the 6D Cinema (MoviXD) which in in Larnaca Cyprus. This really does add an extra dimension to cinema going in Cyprus as the name would suggest.

The cinema (or ride as it could also be referred to) has a variety of films, titles include Bumper Car, Pirate Story and Snow Ride. With the Movi XD website offering more movies soon including Haunted House!

The films shown use sight,smell,wind,touch,motion and sound to give you your sensory experience.
Kids l, teenagers and adults alike have all said they enjoy the experience. And its great should you have a rainy day in Larnaca or you want to escape the Cyprus sun into the cool air-conditioned atmosphere for a couple of hours .

Movi XD Larnaca (Larnaca 6D Cinema) also run regular special offers, so enquire with the ticket office on arrival.
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