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The Baths Of Adonis

Adonis Baths Paphos

The Baths Of Adonis

Situated on the outskirts of Coral bay and Paphos (Pafos), something worth a visit whilst holidaying on the island of Cyprus, is the Adonis Baths.

As with many of the wonderful places of interest on the Island of Cyprus, the baths themselves are the subject of legend. It is told by some locals, that Aphrodite herself used to bathe here with her lover Adonis initially, and then as there time together blossomed mythology intimates that some of their children were born here too. On a slightly more morbid note however, it is also said to be the location at which Adonis died in Aphrodite's arms after being wounded in battle.

The Adonis Baths are situated below a small waterfall, surrounded by high cliffs and large trees and shrubbery making the baths a little oasis. Be warned if you are planning to visit the baths there is a steep climb down to get to them.

The Adonis baths themselves are quite deep, and great for swimming, which unlike the Baths of Aphrodite swimming is actually allowed here. There are swing ropes that allow you to do a Tarzan like impersonation before plunging into the baths (although one of our researchers looks more Jane than Tarzan like, and struggled!) Although potentially dangerous, there are also large rocks that are often used to dive into the cool water.

History tells us not only about the legends of the occupants of the baths but tales that go with swimming in Adonis Baths, for men it is said they will become stronger after bathing there, and for women taking a dip in Adonis Baths is supposed to make you look younger and more beautiful, this is due to the strength and beauty that Adonis and Aphrodite possessed.

So dear friend, if you are on holiday in Paphos, (or anywhere on the island for that matter) then a trip to Adonis baths is a great fun day out. It is worth noting that a trip to the location is offered by some Safari firms, it can also be reached if you are hiring a car in Cyprus too.

Check out the Adonis Baths website

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