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fitness centre Ayia Kyriaki Church - St Paul's Pillar
There is a website about  Cyprus church weddings, which  has information about ceremonies at Ayia Kyriaki Church (St Pauls Pillar) and other Churches in the Paphos region.

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Wedding or not wedding Ayia Kyriaki is a great place to visit on your Cyprus holiday.
Ayia Kyriaki Church (St Paul’s Pillar)

Ayia Kyriaki Church (Agia Kyriaki) is also known as St Paul’s Pillar, and is a Byzantine era Church in Kato Paphos. Ayia Kriaki was built in around the 13th century, and was built upon the site of the earlier Basillica. You can see the remains of older  churches underneath Ayia Kyriaki if you walk around the grounds of the church.

The church is surrounded ancient roman ruins and mosaics, Ayia Kyriaki is also known as St Paul’s Pillar as it is the alleged location that St Paul was tied and whipped on the pillar. A plague can be seen next to the pillar in question.

Ayia Kyriaki, (St Pauls Pillar) is a top choice for those who want a wedding in Cyprus.  Agia Kyriaki are able to offer both Anglican and Roman Catholic ceremonies for those wishing to get married in Cyprus.