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Larnaca  - Camel Park
The animals took to their new surroundings very quickly and quickly adapted to life in Cyprus and each spring a number of young are born. All of them are given Greek names which are proudly displayed on carved wooden nameplates on the front of their saddles. Visitors to the park can feed the camels or enjoy riding a camel as part of a camel caravan which explores the local countryside or enjoys walks along the beach.

As well as meeting the camels there is a tremendous amount to enjoy including the Noahs Ark Zoo with pairs of goats, ostriches, deer, and ponies to name but a few. There is a good restaurant, serving traditional Cypriot dishes and a cocktail bar. Other attractions include a swimming pool, outdoor and indoor games areas as well as a small museum complete with well-stocked souvenir shop
So while you are on the holiday island of Cyprus why not have a day out at the Larnaca camel park, let me know if they understand Cypriot?!

Key facts
The park is open seven days a week from 09.00 until 7.00 p.m. Telephone for more information 24-991243 or log onto

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If you are looking for something a little different to do when on holiday in Cyprus, we have just the thing for you. Come and visit the  Mazotos camel park, situated near the village of Mazatos on the old coastal road that links Limassol with Larnaca, it is a great place to spend the day. For those more travel conscious, then it is a good way to conclude your holiday as its near Larnaca airport.

It may sound strange that there are camels in Cyprus, but in the past, camels were as common as donkeys for transport and could often be seen walking in a procession behind their master. Known as a camel caravan they walked sporting woven panniers strapped to their humps filled with copper, carobs and silk which they would transport from the villages to the waiting ships in the harbour.

Vangelis Paphitis remembered seeing the camel caravans when he was a young boy and thought that it would be fun to create a park where visitors could watch these fascinating creatures and enjoy seeing the young camels born there. Slowly his ideas developed and he contacted some Israeli camel experts for advice on; the best type of enclosures to build, the most suitable housing and the best type of foods to provide for the animals, when everything was ready, 28 healthy camels were brought to their new home in Mazatos and in 2000 the Mazatos Camel Park opened its gates to the public.