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Cyprus Car Hire
Cyprus Car Hire
If you are seeking a relaxing beach holiday, where your holiday haunts will be the pool, the beach and your hotel room then hiring a car is not really necessary and the local bus services in the resorts should be more than adequate.

If however, you want to explore the beautiful island of Cyprus during your holiday, getting off the beaten track, using your time there to take a look at the different towns knowing that you have the freedom to see the sights at your own leisurely pace then a renting a car is certainly the best option.
There are numerous choices available as to how you can book your car, one can either book it on the internet, with your travel agent before you depart, simply pick up a vehicle whilst you are there.

Driving is definitely an experience in Cyprus although as there is not much traffic except for in the main towns at rush hours the roads do not often get too busy. It is worth noting however, that as Cyprus is a former British colony you will have to drive on the left hand side of the road.
The road network in Cyprus consists of dual carriageways between the main towns and smaller single lane roads inside the towns and in more rural parts of the island. However, whilst driving around the island, holidaymakers are warned to expect the unexpected as some local drivers can be quite unpredictable.

When choosing the size of the hire car that you opt for, (any budget constraints aside), you should again factor in where you are planning to visit. A local trip would require a less ‘sporty’ number that perhaps a trip to Nicosia along the Highway. Additionally a trip to the mountains at certain times of the year will require 4 x 4 as a definite must have.

Invariably hiring a car whilst on holiday in Cyprus allows you to visit some of the more rural areas that your average tourist would not ever see. A good example of this would be the wine growing villages in the Troodos Mountains, where a good many wineries are open so that you can visit.
Additionally some of the famous sights of Cyprus are much easier to get to by car, as they are often only served by excursion buses. Places like; Ancient Curium, Kolossi Castle, Petra Tou Romiou (Aphrodite's Rock) and the Baths of Aphrodite near Latchi are almost impossible to reach independently without a car.

If you are a real thrill seeker you may want to consider hiring a 4x4 whilst on holiday. One of the main advantages is that you really will be able to ‘explore’ in the true sense of the word. You can leave behind the paved roads, being able to discover places such as the Akamas region, home of two gorges and also the Cyprus turtles. If you are planning to take your car off road it may be worth checking with the car hire company about insurance and recovery though, as this is not always included. In the event that you are not brave enough to drive the 4 x 4 yourself, then you could always go on a jeep safari.
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