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Saint Solomons Catacombs
The Saint Solomons Catacombs is an underground  church carved into the limestone. There are also some suggestions that It was used as a graveyard from the Hellenistic times. There about twenty steps down to the Catacombs.

In the Saint Solomon Catacombs Paphos, you can view frescos dating from around the 12th century, as well as holy water.

Outside the catacombs there is a large tree where locals and tourists hang rags and handkerchiefs, with the legend that doing so can cure diseases.  

Saint Solomons Catacombs, an interesting stop whilst exploring Paphos

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Saint Solomons Catacombs Paphos

Another great place to visit in Paphos is the Saint Solomon Catacombs, these are located on the main road from in Kato Paphos, on the main road from the Town to the Harbour (St Paul’s Avenue). About one kilometre from the harbour.