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Choirokoitia Village Cyprus
This is the earliest known settlement in Cyprus, it is thought that the ancient village of Choirokoitia had a population of around 450 people. It is thought that this was an organised society, that hunted,farmed and pick naturally growing crops.

Choirokoitia  is located on the Larnaca to Limassol highway, and is roughly halfway between the two cities, inland from Zygi.

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If  you are looking for things to do in Larnaca on your Cyprus holidays and you enjoy history then exploring the ancient  village of Choirokoitia.

Choirokoitia is well known for being one of the best preserved prehistoric sites in the Eastern Mediternean. The ancient village and round houses of Choirokoitia are protected as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO) since 1998.

Choirokoitia dates from the Neolithic age, and there are around twenty similarly aged sites around sites, however this one is the best preserved.

Khirokitia (Choirokoitia) was a small settlement about six kilometres from the coast, it was a closed settlement with thick walls protecting it, it is likely that people entered into the village through an entrance in the walls.  Inside the walls there where the distinctive round structures that we can see today
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