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Mountain Biking
The routes on the island range from narrow single track paths, to steep rocky terrains, and then the plummeting downhill sweeps. However most of the tour bike companies choose the routes to suit your ability, there are routes suitable for youngsters and beginners and you are encouraged to ride at your own pace.

Mountain biking is a great way to explore the island of Cyprus whilst and get closer the real Cyprus, with its flora, fauna and variety of landscapes and see things you just wouldn't be able to in a car. Moreover its a great way to build your fitness too, so what are you waiting for, get on your bike.  

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On holiday in Cyprus, the Mediterranean island full of contrast and colour, why not explore it by an alternative method, on a mountain bike.

The scenery and varying terrain on the island of Cyprus make mountain biking that bit more breathtaking. From the sea and coastal areas to the foothills and rugged terrain of the Troodos mountains. These views combined the thrill of biking, its no wonder its such a popular holiday pursuit in Cyprus, and in this day and age its also important to point out that its much more environmentally friendly than exploring in a car.  

There are several mountain bike tour companies that run tours on the island. They provide you with full equipment, which includes top of the range mountain bikes, as well as highly qualified instructors who now the best trails and routes in Cyprus.
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