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The Cyprus Donkey Cyprus or as it is officially known Donkey Sanctuary Cyprus has sites located in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains just outside Limassol in Cyprus.

It was formerly known as the Vouni Donkey Cyprus and was run by the Friends of the Cyprus Donkey. This was until the sanctuary came under the wing of the The Donkey Sanctuary

The Cyprus donkey sactuary sanctuary was originally started by Patrick and Mary Skinner in 1991, a retired couple who lived in the village of Vouni, they started by adopting a couple of unwanted Cyprus Donkeys and keeping them in their back garden, by 2005 the sanctuary housed over 100 Cypriot donkeys.

In 2007 the sanctuary where taken over by 'The Donkey Sanctuary' based in Sidmouth, Devon. The running of the donkey sanctuary relies on volunteers from the local community, who feed, groom, and look after the donkeys’ welfare. The Cyprus Donkey Sanctuary is funded by donations  to'The Donkey Sanctuary' worldwide.
Donkey Sanctuary
The Cyprus Donkey Sanctuary which now has three holding areas, and stables for donkeys, including near Kivides village. The Vouni site and stables where shut down afer a large fire in the Summer of 2012

Due to the location of the new sites and holding bases for Donkeys  being on private land and the track to them being rought, unfortunately the Sanctuary are not able to accept vistors.

The Sanctuary hope in the future that they may be able to open to visitors on certain days of the week
(We will update the site if we hear any more)
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