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Cyprus Fruit Calendar

Nothing beats the Cyprus’s abundance of seasonal fresh fruits – most sold still with their leaves on! One tip that visitors to Cyprus need to know is that they have to ‘live for the moment’ because the different fruit seasons are brief as the fruit is literally picked and sold the same day!

Prices in the market and shops are for a kilo of the fruit unless the words ‘to ena’ meaning ‘one piece’ are displayed. Buy the fruit daily in small quantities and store in the fridge and serve chilled as the perfect finale to any meal or as a delicious snack, accompanied by a slice of Halloumi.

Fresh Cyprus Fruit, is a must to enjoy on your Cyprus Holiday. You can read more about Cyprus Food And Drink here
Cyprus Fruit
Calendar Of Cyprus Fruit

Apples               June-October
Apricots             June-July
Avocados          Almost all year round
Cherries            June-end of July
Formosas           Early June-September
Grapefruit           End of October-May
Honey Melon      Late July-Late September
Lemons              All year round (Green in the winter)
Peaches             June-Late September
Pears                  Mid-August-Late September
Plums                  Late June-early September
Oranges              November-late May
Strawberries        End of October-end of April
Tangerines          End of October – end of April
Tomatoes            All year round
Watermelon         May- end of October