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Grilling Cyprus Halloumi


The tasty Cyprus cheese that is Halloumi.

Cypriot Halloumi

One of the signature food of Cyprus is Halloumi. Halloumi is a traditional Cyprus cheese that is one of the islands most famous experts, and is available in Supermarkets worldwide. It is particularly popular around the Middle East. It is thought to date back to Medieval Byzantine period.

Technically Halloumi is a semi hard, unripened brined Cheese made from a mixture of goats, sheep and even sometimes cows milk. What makes Halloumi popular is its high melting point, whch makes it ideal for frying and grilling. (infact we think it  is best served fried or grilled until golden brown).

The cheese has a similar appearance to Mozarella. You can buy Halloumi whilst on your Cyprus holiday, or try it as part of a traditional meze.

There are several different producers of Halloumi, from small village cottage industry style production, to larger commercial producers such as Christis.

Cyprus Food And Drink

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Halloumi Pie  

Cyprus Halloumi Pie


Another great way to enjoy Halloumi is in a pie from a Cyprus Bakery - you can find out more about Cyrus Pastries here!

Halloumi & Lountza

Halloumi And Lountza

The combination of grilled Halloumi and Lountza the the perfect Cyprus snack!