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The handicraft centre also has an exhibition centre to view the various traditional Cypriot products and souvenirs created, there is also a shop in which the Cypriot crafts can be purchased.

Visiting Nicosia on your Cyprus holiday, the Cyprus handicraft centre is a great place to visit, it is often a location taken in by the various excursions offered to the islands capital, or if you are driving the centre is clearly signposted on the main road into the city of Nicosia.  
As a part of your Cyprus Holiday a visit to the Cyprus Handicraft Centre in Nicosia is a must, this handicraft centre was created by the Cyprus Handicraft Service.

The handicraft service of Cyprus has several functions including to study the handicrafts, and research and document the different techniques and traditional methods used to create them. The centre also pioneers new products using the methods passed down through the centuries. It also provides guidance and assistance to the local crafts people and provides training to people wanting to have a go.

The handicraft centre itself was opened about thirty years ago, it is home to several workshops for the cottage industry craftsmen and women of Cyprus. These workshops in which you can watch the traditional products being created include embroidery, weaving, woodcarving, basketry and leather work amongst others.