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Ancient Kition Larnaca
Excavations continue around the site, and you can see other temples. Evidence has been found of copper smelting facilities  ( as Copper was thought  to be important to Ancient Kition. Artefacts from ancient Roman and Hellenistic times.

Ancient Kiltion in Larnaca – a great place to visit on a day out in Larnaca

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Looking for things to do in Larnaca? Then why not visit Ancient Kition. Kition was the ancient name for Larnaca. Much of modern day Larnaca was built upon Kition, however there are is an impressive selection of ruins still to see.

There is much legend about Kition, including the one that Lazarus (the man Jesus raised from the dead) travelled from Jerusalem after he was almost killed by Pharisees.

Later Lazarus was ordained bishop of Kition, and the Church of Saint Lazarus in Larnaca is dedicated to him.
The best preserved remains of Ancient Kition are in north west of Larnaca, which has some impressive excavations, the most importnant of which is Phoenician Temple of Astarte.
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