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Kyperounda Village
The chapel of the Holy Cross is well known for its 18th century ecclesiastical sculptures and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The village however, is dominated by the sizeable new church of Ayiou Arseniou which opened last year. There are two small museums to explore too; the first is an ethnographical museum filled with equipment used for animal husbandry and agriculture in years gone by and the other museum tells the story of the fighting spirit of the villagers as many were freedom fighters in the turbulent years leading up to the island’s independence in 1960 and the whole village was involved in this struggle for liberation. If visitors would like to see either, the keys are available from the Municipality office by the village school (07.30 - 2.00 p.m. Weekdays)

On the edge of the village on the road to Chandria stands the Kyperounda winery and its vineyards are at heights of up to 1,500 metres making them some of the highest in Europe. The winery began in 2004 and is run by Photis Photiades group (who run the Carlsberg Cyprus brewery) and Boutari the largest Greek winemaking family. Because the vineyards are so high, the grape harvest is a whole month later than in vineyards at lower altitudes and the Xyinisteri grapes are not harvested until mid-November each year.

The other main products that Kyperounda is well known for is its cooked hams. High above the road leading from the villages to Dimes stand three factories all producing the speciality smoked meat products Loukanika (traditional wine-flavoured sausages), Lountza (smoked pork loin), Hiromeni (smoked ham) and spicy pastourmas (sausages). One of them has a small retail shop which is open on weekdays between 07.00 - 4.00p.m.
Kyperounda, a great stop to include on a day out to the Troodos Mountains on your Cyprus Holidays.