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Limassol  - Lania Village
Another attraction that draws visitors to Lania village on the holiday island of Cyprus is the artists who are located there, many of whom paint the beautiful Cyprus landscapes. Perhaps the most famous of which is Michael Owen
Lania also has souvenir shops to purchase postcards, the village wines as well as other local produce and specialities to take home as memories of your Cyprus holiday. There is also a cafe in the village as well as a restaurant serving a range of Cypriot cuisine.

Lania village makes a fun day out on a Cyprus Holiday, especially when combined with a trip to the Troodos Mountains.

Lania Village on Google Maps
The village of Lania is located in the foothills of Troodos just above the resort of Limassol, and the village makes a great day out for those on a Cyprus holidays. The village is in fact located just over 25 kilometres from Limassol.

Today the village is a particularly important player in the Cyprus wine industry. Not only growing the wines in vineyards that surround the village, but much wine is also produced in the surrounding area as well as many other grape products such as Palouze and Soujouko, Commandaria as well as the famous Zivannia.

At the heart of Lania village is the Church of St Mary, this is a highlight of the village as the icon inside the church of St Mary is thought to be one of the oldest paintings in the world.