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Paphos Turtle Beach

Cyprus Turtle Beach - Lara Bay

‘Lara Turtle Beach Paphos  - In the Akamas peninsula’

One of the  most special beaches in Paphos is the Lara Turtle Beach Paphos, which is located in the Akamas peninsula.

Lara Turtle beach is named as such because it is home to the Lara Turtle Conservation project, that is focused on protecting the endangered Green and Loggerhead turtles that breed on the island of Cyprus.

During the Summer months you can see the Lara Turtle Hatchery on the beach, this is a small closed section of the beach where there are a number of turtle nests, some of which have been moved from other beaches where they would have been in danger from humans or natural predators.

There is also a tourist information section, which highlights and explains the work that the Lara Turtle project does. Often visiting students from European universities spend some of the Summer there volunteering with and studying the project.

Lara Beach is self is a good quality beach and as the roads to the beach are rough and more suited  to off road and four wheel drive vehicles the beach is often quieter than many of the beaches close to Paphos. The area around Lara Turtle beach is unspoilt  and the beach itself is long and sandy.

If you are looking for things to do in Paphos, then Lara Turtle beach is a good option.

On behalf of the turtles , please adhere to the following rules. Thank You!

- No Littering (It could suffocate to trap baby turtles)

- No Parasols/Sun Umbrellas (Putting these into the ground could destroy a turtle nest)

- No pets (They could eat the turtle eggs)

- No propeller boats (These can injure or kill turtles)

To visit Lara Tutle beach why not have a look at hiring a car (see our link below) We recommend  you check for any  offroad restrictions with the car hire company. Another way to visit Lara Turtle beach is to take a Cyprus Jeep safari

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Top Facts

Lara Turtle Beach

- Green Turtles

- Loggerhead Turtles

- Turtle Hatchery in Summer

- Get there: Hire a 4x4 Car

- Get there: Jeep Safari

- In the Akamas Peninsula

- Near Avakas Gorge

- Sandy Clean Beach

Turtle Beach Cyprus

Don’t forget : Cyprus Jeep Safari

A great way to explore the island, the get off the beaten track.

Safari companies  offer excusrsions to the Akamas as well the Troodos Mountain range.

Mixed with the thrills and spills of going off road -its a great way to explore Cyprus