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Kamares Aqueduct Larnaca
Today, this aqueduct is the only one that remains and stands just three kilometres from the town close to the main road.It is known at the ‘Kamares Aquaduct’ from the Greek word meaning ‘archway’.

Much of the aqueduct is still standing but what is an interesting fact is that none of the remaining 33 arches is identical in width!

Visiting the Larnaca Aqueduct, great if you are looking for things to do in Larnaca whilst on holiday.
Kamares Aqueduct Larnaca

With the new highway network visitors to the town of Larnaca can more easily miss its famous aqueduct but in the past. But the Kamares Aqueduct Larnaca is definetley worth going to discover on your Cyprus holiday.

In the 18th century, Larnaca was suffering from an acute shortage of water and to alleviate the problem, the wealthy Ottoman governor had a series of three aqueduct built in Roman style.

The aqueducts stretched from the Tremithos River - nine kilometers through the area north of the Kiti dam, and on to the south-west of the town. Work on the aqueduct begun in 1747 and was completed within three years. The aqueduct were made from limestone hewn from the ancient Kitium and  had ‘u’ shaped stone channels. The water was brought to the town through a chain of wells along the river bank, but later as larger water supplies were needed two boreholes were dug and the aqueducts were used until 1939.