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Larnaca  - Larnaca Beaches
Just outside Larnaca is Faros beach, this is about a 10 minute drive east of the town and is near the village of Pervolia. This beach is also quieter than many of the main beaches in Larnaca, and therefore popular with those who want a tranquil swim or just to quietly catch some rays.

So if you are going on holiday to the Larnaca region then there is sure to be a beach suited to you!
If you are going on holiday to Larnaca on the island of Cyprus there are beaches a plenty on which you can enjoy a hot Summers day.

Here  is our guide to Larnaca beaches.

The main beach in Larnaca is Phinikoudes which stretches from Saint Lazarus church towards Larnaca marina. The beach is lined with bars, restaurants, and shops. From Larnaca marina there are various boat trips on offer that run through the summer.

Towards Larnaca Airport is Mackenzie beach, this is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters and the beach is lined with palm trees. There are sunbeds and water sports available on the beach, as well as restaurants offering amongst other things, a great fish meze.

Larnaca also has a municipal beach (CTO Beach) which is particularly popular for sporting events including volleyball and handball. The CTO beach is a great family beach, great for swimming, sunbathing and facilities even include a kids playground. The beach also has several bars.
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