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Larnaca  - Church Of Saint	Lazarus
This wonderful Cypriot Church is an impressive elongated shape. The inside of the Church consists of three aisles. It is characterized by its large stone pillars and archways which support the domes. There is also (as in many Greek Orthodox Churches) a large lavish set of iconostasis. From the outside the Church portrayed by its chunky lime stone brick work and its impressive bell tower is an elegant picture.

The Church of Saint Lazarus is a must see as part of a day out in Larnaca whilst on holiday in Cyprus. It is just off the Phinikoudes Larnaca sea front, and is well sign posted, but if you are exploring by foot, locals will be happy to point you in the right direction with a smile.
Whilst visiting the beautiful holiday island of Cyprus, you might find yourself exploring the old town and seafront area of Larnaca. If so, one of the most remarkable and significant sites is that of the Church of Saint Lazarus and a good insight into Cyprus History.

Lazarus was a saint, known in the bible as Lazarus of Bethany; it is written in the bible that he was brought to life four days after death by Jesus in the Gospel of John.

According to some accounts and legends Lazarus is said to have died in Cyprus. In around 890 AD a tomb was found in Larnaca, the tomb bore the inscription 'Lazarus friend of Christ'. Then in 898 AD the remains of Lazarus were transferred to Constantinople. Over the site of the tomb in which the body had previously been laid to rest, the Greek Orthodox Church built the Church of Saint Lazarus that stands there today
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