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Ledra Street Nicosia
The shopping itself is hugely different on both sides of the border. The southern side of Ledra Street is like a modern European shopping street with brand name shops, big name department stores and niche shops. Crossing the border into the Northern side, the shopping atmosphere is very different. The shops are very touristy, with products ranging from Turkish delights, to fake brand clothing. There are also traditional Turkish Cypriot eateries and the indoor market of Nicosia lies close to Ledra Street.

Back on the southern side of the border is the Ledra street observatory; this is in one of the tallest buildings on the island. From the observatory, that is Cyprus.

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Whilst visiting the islands capital Nicosia on your Cyprus holiday, shopping on Ledra Street is definitely worth consideration. Due to the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus, shopping on the street is particularly unique as it involves showing your passport half way down the street, crossing from one side of Cyprus to the other which is somewhat of a novelty albeit a serious affair.

Until the 3rd of April 2008, Ledra Street was a divided street. Shopping was available on the southern side of the border with only a viewing platform onto the UN buffer zone allowing you to look across to the more derelict northern side of Nicosia. After much negotiation between the republic of Cyprus, and Turkish Northern Cyprus the border on the street was reopened and the public could shop on both sides of the street.