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Cyprus Meze Dishes

A Cyprus Meze

Whilst on holiday you must try a Cypriot Meze (Mezedhes)

So what is this Cyprus Meze you speak of?

Basically it is an opportunity to try and myriad of Cypriot dishes. The exact contents of a Meze vary from restaurant to cafe to tavern often depending on what is in season. You may also find more traditional home cooked Mezes in village restaurants.  However, one thing you are almost always guaranteed (and this is its appeal to me!) is a good portion of whatever is provided!

Normally either a fish or meat Meze is offered, although some places will provide a vegetation option also. It is similar in style to the Spanish concept of Tapas.

A Cyprus meze traditionally starts with a large Greek salad, pita or fresh village bread, and dips including Hummus (chick peas based), Taramasalata (fish roe),  Tsatziki (yoghurt and cucumber) and Tahini (sesame based).

While that is being consumed, the meatier  and more substantial options options start appearing, these can include.

Sheftalia (Cypriot herb Sausage)

Souvlakia (grilled kebab pork cubes)

Calamari (Squid rings)

Catch of the day

Grilled Chicken

Grilled lamb or pork chops

Stifado (beef stew)

Kleftiko (melt in the mouth oven baked lamb)

Lountza (a gammon like meat)

Loukanika (Sausage marinated in wine and corrainder)

Grilled Halloumi Cheese

Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves)

Cypriot Style Roast Potatoes (or chips)

The list really does go on, and I have seen many a large appetite beaten by the meze. However, it is the single best way of sampling as many Cypriot dishes as possible in one sitting

Bon Appetite! /Kαλή Oρεξη! Kali orexi!

Stuffed Vine Leaves

Cyprus Meze Dolmades


Stuffed vine leaves are often served as part of a Cypriot meze. They are often stuffed with rice, or rice ad mince meat.

Meze Starters

Cypriot Meze Dips And Starters

Dip In

A Cyprus  meze normally starts with traditional dips includint Tzatziki, Taramasalta, Aubergine dip often being accompanied by beetroot and potato salad (as pictured)

A Fish Meze!

Cyprus Fish Meze

Fresh from the Med!

Fish mezes are popular especially in coastal location with food from local fisherman catches.

Often including, sea  bass , bream, calamari etc

Cyprus Food

Grilled Halloumi Cyprus Meze

A Taste Of Cyprus.

From  the taste of grilled Halloumi to fresh bakes Cypriot pastries and seasonal fruit all washed down with Cyprus wine of a keo beer, discover Cyprs Food and Drink.

A Mean Meze

Laona Restarant.

Just  outside Paphos Market is  Laona Restaurant serving traditional Cyprus food for almost thirty years.

Take A Boat Trip

Cyprus Boat Trips

Soak Up The Sun.

A great option  for a day of relaxation  on your holiday is to take a boat trip from Paphos or Limassol.

Laona Restaurant Meze Cyprus