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Ayia Napa Monastery
An aqueduct was constructed to bring water to the shrine, and in the 14th century a church was constructed around the shrine.
By the end of the 16th century the building that we see today began to take shape. Today the monastery of Ayia Napa is a must see on any Cyprus holiday. The monastery is set in the centre of Ayia Napa, which makes it a strange sight amongst all the clubs and pubs. It is a pretty building with large archways, courtyards and gardens to be explored.

Today, owing to its picturesque appeal and historical value, Ayia Napa monastery is very popular for Cypriot weddings.
When you think of Ayia Napa you think party, bars, pubs maybe even Nissi Beach or Ayia Napa Harbour. Therefore it may surprise you to know that Ayia Napa has been built around its ancient Monastery.

The story of Ayia Napa monastery starts back in the 11th century when a hunter and his dog stumbled into a cave in the wooded valley (Napa translates into wooded valley in Greek). The cave was an icon of the Virgin Mary. It is now thought that the icon must have been hidden there in the iconoclastic period - a period in which icons where being destroyed. The news of the hunter finding this mysterious icon in a cave spread far and wide, and a shrine was soon put up to the icon.
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