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Ayia Napa  - Sea Museum
Across the museum there are plenty of other sculptures, paintings, ceramics and other interactive displays, to entertain, educate and inform. The museum is completed with a café, shop and open air amphitheatre.

The Thalassa Sea Museum makes a great part of a day out in Ayia Napa whilst on your Cyprus Holiday, and a rare opportunity to gain information about the more aqueous history of Cyprus.
The holiday island of Cyprus lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. Over thousands of years of civilisation, numerous occupying forces and the natural elements have played a major part in the Islanders lives. No natural element has had more important a role than the sea.
The Thalassa museum in Ayia Napa is dedicated to this.

The modern museum can be found in the centre of Ayia Napa, only a short distance from Ayia Napas main square and monastery. The museum has many interesting sea artefacts. For example it has a replica of the Kyrenia ship - a 4th century Cypriot trading ship used for transporting wine, olive oil, almonds and other key Cyprus exports.

Another remarkable exhibit at the Thalassa museum is a replica of a Papyrus raft, this sort of vessel would have been used in about 9000 BC to transport obsidian (a natural form of volcanic glass) from the Greek Islands to the mainland.
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