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Paphos Amphitheatre And Paphos Odeon
The Paphos Amphitheatre was excavated and partly restored in the 1970s. Other performances that can be seen on occasion at  Paphos Odeon are a choirs and also light show.

Paphos Lighthouse is located just behind Paphos Amphitheatre, and compared to the Odeon is relatively modern. You may have the opportunity to climb Paphos lighthouse, which could prove challenging as the climb is almost vertical at the top. However if you do make it to the top of Paphos Lighthouse you can take some good pictures

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Paphos Amphitheatre and  Paphos Lighthouse are both great places to wander around on your Cyprus Holiday. Both the amphitheatre and the lighthouse are part of the Paphos Archaeological park.

You can reach the area (Paphos  Archaeological park) close to the main Paphos Harbour main car park.
The Paphos Amphitheatre is also known as Paphos Odeon. It is an Amphitheatre of Greek style.

The Paphos Odeon dates  back from the 2nd century, and has room for an audience of roughly 1200.

Today Paphos Odeon is host to occasional theatrical and musical performances  One highlight is the Ancient Greek Drama festival, which has had performances at Paphos Amphitheatre over the last few years.
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