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Pastries from Cypriot Bakeries

Cyprus Pastries and Cypriot Bakeries

Fresh from the Cyprus Bakeries!

The smell of pastries in the oven is one that few can resist  especially in Cyprus where there are so many lovely tasting breads and pastries to try, many of them unique to the island.

The Cypriots really enjoy their food and every town has a wide variety of zaharoplastia and fornou (cake shops and bakeries) that offer a tantalising selection of goodies that are a real threat to the waist line!

Popular savoury bakes in  Cyprus include;

Tiropittes (which are delicious cheese pies) .

Halloumopita (Halloumi cheese pies)

Eliopittes (Olive pies - be warned some include stones).

Tachinopitta which is a large, round, flat buns filled with sesame paste,

Spanakopittes (spinach pies) with layers of filo pastry filled with freshly picked spinach and melted cheese.

Traditional Cypriot sweet items at Cypriot bakeries often include locally grown almonds and pistachios and are usually steeped in honey. Many of these are influenced and similar to middle eastern and Turkish sweets

One of the most popular of these pastries is Cypriot Baklava, made from wafer thin layers of Filo pastry interwoven with honey and nuts and

Daktyla or Ladies' Fingers are long crisp, deep-fried pastries that are filled with nuts and local spices.

Kateyfi is a very distinctive pastry as it looks just like "shredded wheat"! It is a roll of pastry strands soaked in rose water and honey and sprinkled with finely chopped nuts. And yes, you’ve guessed it kateyfi tastes really good too.

These are only a small selection of Cypriot pasteries and what Cyprus Bakeries have to offer. You find bakeries and cake shops on many of the main streets in Cyprus.  As well as the savoury bakes and sweets they also offer freshly baked Cyprus Bread as a fine cream cake selection - as well as daily essentials.

There are several chains including Zorbas Bakeries, Sigma Bakeries, Sunfresh Bakeries and Pappantoniou bakeries as well as many independent bakeries.

Cypriot Pastries and sweets something to definitely sample on your Cyprus Holiday.

Easter Flaounes

Cypriot Easter Flaounes

Cyprus Easter Cheese Pies

Baked at Easter time by bakeries and many Cypriot homes this pie made from a variety of Cyprus cheeses is a traditional Easter eat.

A Great Snack

A Wide Variety Of Cypriot Pasteries

Great for self catering

Picking up some pies and sweets from  Cypriot bakeries makes a great option for those on a self catering holiday to Cyprus with pies and pastries to cater for most tastes.

As well as the halloumi, olive, feta and spinach pies there are ham and cheese, sauage, and even burger pies.

Many of the bakeries also have mini cocktail size pies great for a small snack.

Cypriot Baklava

Baklava A Cypriot Sweet

For your sweet tooth!

Cyprus sweets including Baklava and Kateyfi have with filo pastry, nuts and hney have their roots in Turkey and the middle east

Cyprus Food

Cyprus Food And Meze

More Cyprus Cuisine

Is your  mouth watering - why not find out about what other Cypriot food you can try on your Cyprus Holidays.

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