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Pedoulas Village
The village continued to prosper until the 1950s when cheaper imports from abroad meant that local goods were no longer in demand and many younger villagers emigrated overseas to work and did extremely well. The best known ones are Loucas and Vassos Hadjiioannou who are amongst the world’s largest ship owners and Loucas’s son Stelios is the founder of the easyGroup of companies.

There are six old churches and four modern ones in Pedoulas, a fact which has earned the village the nickname of ‘the village of the Saints’. The church of Archangelos Michael (1474) appears on the UNESCO World Heritage List as it is one of the ten painted Byzantine churches in the mountain areas of Cyprus. There is a Byzantine Museum and Folkloric Museum which opened just three years ago and gives visitors an insight into the life, customs and values of this pretty mountain village.

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Pedoulas Village.

The village of Pedoulas stands at an altitude of 1.090 metres amongst the cherry trees and fruit orchards in the beautiful Marathas valley which sweeps northwest from the Troodos. Pedoulas is popular with families from Nicosia (80 km) and Limassol (65km) and for visitors to Kykkos Monastery just 14 kilometres away.

The village developed in the Byzantine period and during the Lusignan dynasty(1192-1489), the Royal Family spent much time in ‘Myrianthousa’ - the name given to the village because of its many wild flowers (anthos meaning flowers) and to this day many of the boys who are born in the village are given the French  originating name ‘Loui’’ -‘Loizos’ . Later, the village was given its modern name ‘Pedoulas’ from ‘pedila’ the sandals made by local shoemakers.
Cloth and carpets were also made in the village and during the Second World silk made in Pedoulas was exported to Britain to be used for parachutes. Its most important business though was leather tanning. And there were 11 tanneries that supplied the island’s shoe industry.

Pedoulas was an affluent village and one of the first to hacve its own water and electricity supplies. Its first school was built in 1852 by Meletios, the Bishop of Kyrenia as Pedoulas was his home village. The villagers became passionate about good education and in 1913 they joined together to build the Practical School of Marathasa which was the first of its kind and had a reputation
for excellence attracting pupils from as far away as Paphos and  many of its students .became top scientists, educationalists and bishops. Sadly by the 1980s numbers were dwindling and six years ago the school was closed.

During the 1920s the first tourists arrived in Cyprus from Egypt, Syria and Iraq and four hotels were built in Pedoulas which became a popular mountain resort like Pano Platres and Kakopetria. Pedoulas is the major cherry growing area in Cyprus and in the past the cherries were exported to Egypt. Local housewives dred them in the sun and these ‘cherry sultanas’ were given to children as treats. and several of the villagers used to make a really good cherry liqueur. In 1946, the first Co-operative Society in Cyprus was established there to help growers
market their fruit and it is still in operation today.
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