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Limassol  - Platres Village
There are number of restaurants and eateries throughout the village, although the village is famous for its Trout, ans Platres has its own Trout Farm. Another attraction from more recent years is the Platres Chocolate shop. The shop specialises in making chocolates but with a Cyprus twist, including a Zivania (Cyprus moonshine) chocolate.

There are various accommodation options if you end up wanting to take your Cyprus holiday in the mountain village of Platres. There is B&B for those who are looking for something homely and basic, and several hotels including the Edelweiss Hotel and Pendeli Hotel.

The most famous hotel in Platres is the Forest Park Hotel, what makes this hotel particularly unique is how steeped in history as per the above, the Brandy Sour cocktail was invented there for King Farouk of Egypt there and novelist Daphne Du Maurier penned much of Rebecca there, and these are just a couple of its claims to fame.

So if you want to base your Cyprus holiday in Platres, which will come in handy if you plan on skiing at Troodos, or if you just want to visit as a day out, Platres is worth a visit
Platres is a small village/town in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains; it technically lies in the Limassol district located about 25 kilometres from the city, and just under 50 kilometres from the capital Nicosia.

Like many hillside villages in Cyprus it is divided into two parts, Pano Platres and Kato Platres, translating to Upper Platres and Lower Platres. Platres is famous for being the number one premier tourist resort in the Troodos Mountains.

Before tourism became the biggest contributor to the economy of Platres its main focus was on agriculture with cherries, pears, apples as well as wine producing having sustained the village. The village started to become popular as a holiday destination whilst the British administration was in charge of the island, as it becomes popular to retreat to in the hotter Cypriot Summer months.

One of the unique features of Platres is the stream that runs through it all year long, and in the dry summer period this is particularly unusual. The stream also allows for the varied agriculture that would be impossible to sustain otherwise. The village of Platres was also the birth place of the famous Brandy Sour cocktail (according to the tale it was invented for King Farouk of Egypt as The Forest Park Hotel)