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Polis  - Polis Town
Today Polis is a small coastal town, relying on tourism and agriculture for its economy. There is a selection of shops in the main town, so it is often visited by people on villa holidays, as it is the cheapest place to pick up supplies and has more selection than local village shops. Around the town square there are traditional restaurants and cafés. The popular Polis camping site is also located on the coast; this is mainly frequented in the peak of the summer season. There is also a small museum in the town which explores the area’s history in great detail.

If you are on holiday in Cyprus, specifically on the North West coast then why not enjoy a great day out and explore the Cypriot town of Polis.
If you are holidaying in the North West end of Cyprus, perhaps in Latchi, Pomos or one of the surrounding villages (many of which are home to several luxury holiday villas) then why not take a visit to the town of Polis. The town of Polis is actually the administrative centre for over twenty neighbouring villages.

The town lies just on the border of the Akamas peninsula, home of the turtles in Cyprus, it is served by nearby Latchi fishing harbour with its numerous boat trips and other water sport activities as well as a plethora of small tavernas and restaurants.

Polis town dates back over two and a half thousand years, the town was then known as Marion. It has seen conquerors including the Persians and the Greeks. The area around Polis was strong in natural resources such as gold and copper making it a bountiful town. In later years there were battles for the city between Alexander the Great, Ptolemy and Antigonus. These battles left the town destroyed however; it was later re-founded and named Arsinoe. It was not until the middle ages that the name Polis Chrysochou came about.