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Larnaca  - Larnaca Salt Lake
Just off the edge of Larnaca salt lake lies another important site, that of Hala Sultan Tekke, this mosque is a very significant Muslim shrine, Hala Sultan was said to have been Islamic prophet Muhammad's wet nurse, the mosque is said to be shrine to her, the legend tells us that Hala Sultan died in Cyprus after having fallen from her mule, she is said to have been buried near the a shrine created to her. The mosque we see today was the built around the shrine in around 1816.

The site is of such religious significance for Muslims that during the era of the Ottoman Empire and rule Ottoman flagged ships passing Larnaca would lower their masts and salute to the mosque with canon fire.

For these reasons Larnaca Salt Lake, with its flamingos and proximity to the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque makes an interesting and educational day out in the Larnaca region whilst on your Cyprus holiday.
When flying into Larnaca Airport ready to go to your Cyprus resort,one of the first things to greet you is the Larnaca Salt Lake.

The Larnaca salt lake is actually three small salt lakes connected together. As well as being a distinctive and impressive site when you first arrive on your Cyprus holiday, Larnaca salt lake is an important wetland, it has been earmarked by several wildlife and nature organisations as a recognised site of importance, (this includes RAMSAR) and has seen it being protected by the Barcelona convention.

In fact Larnaca salt lake plays host to over 80 different bird varieties. Perhaps the most impressive can be found during the winter months when Flamingo's take their very own Larnaca holiday. They are actually on their migratory route with at times, tens of thousands of these birds visiting the lake to feed on the shrimp. Naturally this attracts quite a few ornithologists to the exotic holiday island of Cyprus.