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Cyprus Souvlaki Kebab

Cyprus Souvlaki

Cyprus Kebab (Souvlaki)

Souvlakia is the ultimate Cyprus street food.

Cyprus Souvlakia consists of small chunks of pork on skewers cooked over the coals.

Once cooked the pork is placed in the pocket of a large pitta, alongside fresh Cyprus salad, (Cucumber, Tomato and Onion and Cabbage) This is often topped with a pinch of salt and  a squeeze of Cyprus Lemon.

Popular accompaniments to Cyprus Souvlaki are Greek Yoghurt, or Tzatziki.

Traditionally Cyprus Souvlaki is traditionally pork meat however chicken and lamb souvlaki is increasingly available.

Other popular items at the Souvlaki shops include Sheftalia (Cyprus Sausage), Loukanika (Cyprus Wine Sausage) and Gyros.

Souvlaki remains probably the most popular Cyprus fast food, and the great news is for a fast food, with grilled meat, pitta and salad its relatively healthy.

The price of Souvlaki varies, but is generally available for somewhere between €4-€7.

Cypus Souvlaki , a must to try whilst you are in Cyprus!

Cyprus Souvlaki Kebabs

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Cyprus Sausage (Sheftalia)

Sheftalia Cyprus Sausage

Not to be missed!

Often served alongside Souvlakia is Sheftalia, Cyprus Pork sausage , cooked on the coals, and stuffed with pork, onion and mint you’ve got to try it!