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Zenobia Wreck Diving - Larnaca
When choosing a diving company its of up most importance to choose a certified dive company – as well as one that has and covers you with adequate insurance. It is your responsibility to insure this. Since the Zenobia sank, four divers have lost their lives on the wreck. You can read a general article about Diving in Cyprus here.
Zenobia Wreck Diving

The Zenobia was a roll on, roll off  cargo ferry that sunk on her maiden voyage in 1980 , around 2 kilometres outside of Larnaca Port. At the time of sinking it is thought that Zenobia was carrying around  £200 million worth of cargo.

Today the  178m  long vessel lies at a depth of around 42 metres, lying in its Starboard side. The Zenobia dive  is said to be one of the top ten dive sites in the world (According to a Times poll in 2003). There are several dive options available, from a simple scuba dive at a depth of around 16m along the side of the ship, varying to dives inside the Zenobia  upper decks and accommodation block , and experienced divers can choose to dive into the lower decks, cargo areas and engine rooms.

There are several companies offering a variety of Zenobia dive packages, the boat trip to the wreck takes about 10-15 minutes. These range from  short trips, to whole day packages, that include two dives, lunch and a barbeque.