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Cyprus Zivania Distillery


Zivania The Traditional Cyprus Moonshine Spirit.

Zivania is a drink that is a must to try on whilst your holiday on the exotic island of Cyprus. It is white spirit, which is sometimes referred to as Cypriot Moonshine as it has quite a kick.

The drink is made from the remainders of the pressed grapes that are used for wine making and is mixed with a high standard local wine from the grape types: Xynisteri and Mavro. The spirit is distilled using traditional ‘unique’ methods and equipment. The production of Zivania was (until about the last decade) largely an illegal cottage industry on the island, and was mainly produced by locals in the mountain wine growing villages, so production quality and proof levels would differ greatly.

Zivania has been made in Cyrus since around the 14th century. Zivania is used for many different things besides a drink, these range from cleaning windows to healing wounds. The drink is also drunk by residents of the Troodos mountain villages to warm them up in the cold winter months. Whilst on holiday in Cyprus you are likely to served Zivania at the end of a meze, ice cold.

Today the production is legalised and Zivania is produced by the major players in the Cyprus wine industry and is widely available to purchase all over the island.

Cheers, heres to trying Zivania the Cypriot Spirit on your Cyprus Holiday.

A Bottle Of Loel Zivania

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A Cyprus Meze, often finishes with a shot of Zivania, so why not try both at once!

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Traditional Zivania

Traditional Zivania Press

Once A Cottage Industry

Often referred to as Cyprus Moonshine. Due to the fact that Zivania used to be produced largely illegally at peoples homes.

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