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Zygi Village, Larnaca - Cyprus
Zygi has always been a wealthy village as it was a regional centre for carobs - ‘the black gold of Cyprus’- which was once one of the island’s most lucrative trades. Zygi was the first port in Cyprus to be dedicated solely to the export of this valuable crop and had three carob mills. Today the carob warehouses and the large wooden jetty stand as testament to this time. Today, Zygi has the only remaining Co-Operative Carob Marketing Union as about 320,000 kilos of carobs are still harvested annually.

In the past decade, Zygi has become a popular place for a Cyprus holiday with several modestly-sized apartment blocks overlooking the coast . Although is lacking in sandy beaches has water that is crystal clear. More recently, a number of beautiful villas have been built amongst the greenhouses and several small developments are currently being built along the old coastal road to Larnaca – many have been ‘snapped up’ as weekend homes or retirement haven. There has been a restoration programme in Zygi too and many older buildings have been restored using traditional materials and methods so that the village’s special character is preserved, the marina is being buit and the fishing shelter has been enlarged and renovated – great news for the fishermen who work hard to catch the fish for your delicious meal – don’t forget the lemon juice!.

Visiting the village of Zygi for a fish meze as well as a little exploration, definitely something fun to do on your Cyprus holiday. You can also visit the Zygi village official page here
Zygi Village,
Larnaca, Cyprus

During a summer holiday in Cyprus, little beats sitting in the cool shade, listening to the lapping waves and enjoy a delicious fish  lunch in one of the many restaurants and where better than Zygi village.

On Sundays, Zygi is transformed by the huge influx of Nicosians who like to head to the coast and many families converge on the popular coastal tavernaa to relax and enjoy a Fish Mezé.

Many residents are involved  in one of the tavernas, the other main local occupation is agriculture and a drive along the coastal road reveals small plastic greenhouses filled with tomatoes, cucumbers and an array of flowers for local florists.

The word ‘Zygi’ means ‘to balance’ - a reference to the fact that Zygi is situated midway along the island’s southern coast and is hence ‘the balance’ between Limassol and Larnaca ( as well as Nicosia which is equidistance).